REACTOR hails from the Atlanta, GA. area, and was formed by guitarist Paul Barron and bassist Tom Bell.  Both have played in several top Atlanta bands and in 2008 the concept of what was to become REACTOR was formed. They began practicing with drummer Mike Carney to lay the ground work for the future band. The search for a drummer began several months later when Mike developed severe pain from long grueling practice sessions.  After an extensive and very exhaustive search for another drummer, Mike Sarubbi answered their ad and auditioned shortly thereafter.  After a year of failed Attempts and big egos, Mike Sarubbi finally brought to REACTOR what Paul and Tom had been looking for; killer chops and a positive attitude. After a couple practice sessions, it soon became clear that Mike had found the band that he was looking for, and Paul and Tom had found the new drummer for REACTOR.  Now the search was on for a vocalist that could belt out the kind of sound REACTOR needed.  Again, after an extensive and even more exhaustive search for a vocalist, during one of the final auditions, Craig Stark Showed up for an auditon.  Although he was never official voted in by the other band members at any time, he became excepted and respected for ability to scream the "scream" parts required in some of the metal tunes that we started playing.  For almost two years the band made appearances all across the state of georgia, gaining momentum and reputation in the process.  The band began writing and rehearsing in December of 2008. In May of ‘09 they had their first gig and the need to perform live became almost an addiction. Within a few months of serious rehearsals the band started obtaining booking from local establishments throughout central Georgia. Word of the new band spread quickly and from the very first show and they've averaged a following of around 120 fans per venue/show. With their hard rock style and attitude, they bring and awesome night of entertainment to where ever they play!   here's where the train fell off the tracks: Craig had several health and motorcycle/firefighter injuries that prevented him from fulfilling his obligations and duties.  REACTOR immediately scrambled to find fill in singers while auditioning in case the worst were to happen.  from there things kind of went downhill, and mutual agreement to part ways became a reality.  with 6 shows booked and scheduled throughout the year 2012 and the first quarter of 2013 and no permanant front man in place, we started the pursuit of a replacement front man/vocalist.  at the time of this band bio suppliment, we were still without a front man, but many auditions are scheduled with many talented and experienced players.  the addendum to this bio will be added if and when this personel problem is resolved.  REACTOr will still continue to fulfill it's obligations to the local venues that were nice enough to give us a chance in the begining, what ever it takes.  We'll get through this fans!  Stick with us and stay tuned!



Paul Barron - Guitarist and vocals

Tom Bell - Bassist and vocals

Mike Sarubbi - Drums

Craig Stark - Lead Vocalist

When we rock, you roll!


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